The Danbury Hat Tricks are having a very successful season, especially on home ice but it's about to get even better.

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They are going to skate like the wind, hit like a brick and rise like bread because of the inspirational words ringing in their ears from my lips.

In late December I wrote an article about the Hat Tricks sweeping a home series and delighting Hat City fans. In it, I came up with a quote, the kind you'd find in a cheesy sports movie, and it was:

"There is no tomorrow, only today and today we fight. Today we leave it all on the ice, one last time." - Lou Milano

Soon after I got a text from Danbury Hat Tricks Head Coach Dave MacIsaac and he told me they loved the quote and were going to turn it into a banner for the locker room. I texted back "LOL" and probably said something brilliant like "that would be sweet" and I moved on with my life.

Then on Wednesday (1/12/21) it happened, I got a new group text from MacIsaac and team ownership Partner/Executive Herm Sorcher and they sent the following picture.

Herm Sorcher
Herm Sorcher

It happened, they did it and I'm hyped! Right away I told the guys I was going to write an article about it and asked one of them to provide me with a quote. This is what they wrote:

Herm - 

"Dave is the best guy for the quote."

Dave - 

"It came in today. It will hang in the hallway going down to the ice. The team hasn't seen it yet." 

Those are heartfelt words from these two men that I will never forget them, especially the part where Dave said "It came in today." As soon as I saw that, my heart jumped, it's amazing stuff and today was a good day.

The quote I came up with was actually, really derivative, it's just an extension on Apollo Creed's "There is no tomorrow" moment in Rocky 3.

Get to the Danbury Ice Arena tomorrow night (1/15/22) to cheer on the Danbury Hat Tricks when they skate against/demolish the Binghamton Black Bears

P.S. The best line is really "the team hasn't seen it yet." That is a warning to me that it may not last long. "The team hasn't seen it yet" is code for they don't know who you are, and they probably won't care but if they do, it will be because they don't like it and will take it down. LOL!

P.S. #2 - Poor bastards, the Texas Longhorns get Matthew McConaughey, and the Danbury Hat Tricks get DJ Smoov Nuts AKA Me.

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There is something for everyone inside that arena, even if you don't like hockey. There were a ton of activities to be a part of in the Arena, even if you don't like hockey. That's not my style, if I go for a game I want to watch it but all the extras don't hurt the experience one bit,

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