It's the annual celebration that brings drunken Santas everywhere out into the streets, stinking of booze and peeing in alleyways, and having an overall jolly time. It's observed in cities all throughout the country but not here in Danbury. Let's break this one down.

Pros/Cons of "Santa Con":


  • Festive
  • Everyone loves seeing Santa, so why not hundreds of them?
  • Seems like it could be fun.
  • Comfortable attire.


  • These particular Santas could scare children.
  • These particular Santas smoke cigarettes.
  • Some of these particular Santas throw kick balls at people (see image above).
  • These particular Santas use foul language.
  • Some of these particular Santas let their inhibitions down and fornicate in public.
  • This guy shows up (see image below).
SantaCon 2018 Descends On London
Getty Images

Sad, but true, Danbury has no organized "Santa Con" that I can find. Give it time. We will get one eventually, and I'll be told by my wife that I can't go. It is a young man's game, after all. No one wants to see a Santa at "Santa Con" that can actually pass for Santa Claus. I do look like Santa, and I'm OK with that. Chicks dig Santa.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

That's called smoochin.'

If you live in Danbury and want to participate in "Santa Con," you can find one just a short drive away in New Haven, CT. This year's "Santa Con" is on December 15th. 


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