K-9 heroes in Danbury are wagging their tail and thanking Danbury's first lady for helping them to be more prepared in the field.

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Liz Cavo, wife of Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo, has a background as a trauma nurse and she realized a need for Danbury K-9 officers Dirk, Cael, and Gunner and made special kits for each of them. The emergency packets include: TacMed K9 Handler Trauma Kits, oxygen masks, and Narcan.

Liz Cavo reached out to the Danbury Police Department to see what resources the K-9 handler officers have available to them in the field. When the First Lady realized there were extra items that they could carry to assist in emergency, she and Mayor Joe began creating the individual backpacks. Now, all three K-9 handlers are outfitted with the Narcan, TacMed K9 Handler Trauma Kits and oxygen masks.

City Hall
City Hall (Dirk and the First Lady

(That is an appreciative Dirk pictured above with the First Lady.)

Mrs. Cavo had this to say of the project:

“I wanted to do something for our police department, and some people forget that our K9s are officers, too,” said Liz. “There are times when we need a little more assurance that things are taken care of for all of our officers.”

Mayor Cavo added he hopes officers never have to use them.

Liz Cavo and Mayor Joe are two of the kindest, most giving people I've ever met. Both put their community first and love the City of Danbury. Just the other day, I was sitting on a bench outside the Library when the Cavos came to say hi and we started talking about our kids.

My children are much younger than the Cavo's adult children, but when I asked Liz about hers, she lit up like a Christmas tree. She is a wonderful person and this is a nice thing she did for the Danbury Police Department and the City.

City Hall
City Hall

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