It was a proud day on Thursday, October 9, when three exemplary Danbury firefighters were recognized for their accomplishments as they were promoted to Fire Lieutenants in the Danbury Fire Department.

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Fire Chief, Mark Omasta, and Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, had the honor of recognizing the new officers hard work that earned them their promotion to Fire Lieutenant. The three firefighters who were unanimously awarded the promotion to Fire Lieutenant are Fire Fighter Walter Arteaga, DJ Rickard, and Seth Ambruso.

What exactly is a Fire Lieutenant? Lieutenants are responsible for supervising other firefighters when working at a fire scene or other emergency. Before joining the Danbury Fire Department in 2003, Fire Fighter Walter Arteaga was a safety officer and squad leader in the U.S. Army's First Airborne Division. Along with the many firefighting citations Arteaga earned, he was also involved in Danbury community outreach.

Danbury Fire Dept. FB Page...
Danbury Fire Dept. FB Page...

Fire Fighter Arteaga and his fellow officers Rickard and Ambruso had to earn several firefighter citations. The certification process also involves several weeks of coursework, followed by a written exam. As Danbury Fire Chief, Mark Omasta, said at the swearing-in ceremony, "the Fire Lieutenant rank is one of the most difficult to obtain".

All men were created equal, then a few became firemen. - Anonymous

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