This guy on Youtube does a video series of bad driving all throughout New England and Danbury, CT was featured in his most recent video. The channel is called New England Dashcam.

This is the show everyone wants to do and most people just put it on their list of ideas that they never get around to. The pickings are ripe for bad drivers throughout New England. When I clicked on the video, I was psyched to see that my home city of Danbury, CT was included.

It needs to be acknowledged that the Greater Danbury area is loaded with bad drivers. Having bad drivers does not mean the city is bad, it just means there are bad drivers. I'm pretty sure that some people in our area skipped the whole legal phase to obtain their driver's license. I think someone has been printing forgeries from their basement for decades.

It's not a matter of if, but when will you encounter a bad driver in the Greater Danbury area. This is not unusual to find bad drivers in places and I don't know if it's necessarily regional. We have to consider that there are A-holes everywhere, people who don't care about anyone but themselves. This is the world we live in and unfortunately when they are operating a vehicle that weighs in tons, their behavior can take our life or the life of someone we love.

Keep your head on a swivel out there kids, life is an obstacle course like on the TV show "Double Dare" only this obstacle course is smeared in feces and rage. Subscribe to New England Dashcam as a thanks for doing the show we all want to do but don't bother to.

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