The last remaining Disney stores in Connecticut are closing their doors by mid-September.

When you visit the Danbury Fair Mall website, one of the first message you see when you visit the Disney store page is the announcement of the closing of the store. The message reads, "See Ya Real Soon", this location is closing on or before September 15.

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According to the Disney Store's website, not only is the Danbury Disney store closing, but the only other Disney store location in the state at the Westfarms Mall in Farmington will soon be gone as well. The news comes after Disney announced back in March that it would be closing around 60 stores this year, but now the closings have been made official, and we those stores have been named.

This is not the first time the Disney store has closed in the Danbury Fair mall. Back in 2005, the first version of the store opened before shutting down about 5 years later. Then, in 2012, the Disney store returned to Danbury with a whole new look.

So what do you do now if you're a Disney fan and like to pick up your Disney merchandise? You will actually have a few choices. One is to travel to New York City and the Disney store in Times Square, which will remain open. Also according to,  Target has plans to bring the Disney magic to more of its stores just in time for the holiday shopping season. Target says they are planning to expand and add on Disney products and merchandise to more than 100 stores all across the country, however, there is no list available yet as to the stores that will be carrying the Disney line of products in what they call "The Disney Shop"

Of course, Disney is also encouraging its customers to shop online at

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