He may only be 12 years old, but Frankie, who's a student in the Danbury School system, has made quite a name for himself and his business, Frankie's Woodworking.

Frankie's love for building things began when he was only 4 or 5 years old, and his father, Frank Demunda, told us how Frankie got his start.

"He would watch his grandfather at work in his workshop, and he just kinda picked up the trade. Soon after, he inherited some tools and built a workshop in our garage".

After that, things really started to escalate with his woodworking as his Dad explained.

"Last Christmas, he happened to be looking online and saw a wooden tree, he immediately went downstairs to his wood shop and made a gorgeous tree on his own. We, as proud parents, encouraged him to post it on Facebook thinking that maybe a couple of our family members would buy it. After we posted it, like 40 people wanted to buy one. We actually got so many orders we had to cut it off, it just exploded".

So how did the charity work start? Once again, his Dad gave us the back story.

"The daughter of one of our good friends had leukemia, and Frankie wanted to donate some of the trees he had made to the kids battling the disease at the Connecticut Children's Hospital in Hartford, and it all spiraled from there".

Frankie's has also used his wood working money to make food donations to family's from his school that needed help, and other local charities.  His generosity was in full effect the other day when he bought lunch for the Danbury Police Department with the money he had made from selling his projects.

Here's what the Danbury Police Department posted on their Facebook page:

On a personal note, my wife, who loves bird feeders, contacted Frankie and purchased one for herself, and she loves it.

If you would like to see more samples of Frankie's work, or pick up any of his creations, just visit his Facebook page.

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