Wanted - Individuals to inspect restaurant fat and grease disposal systems.

The actual reality is I decided to write about this topic only because I enjoy saying, the grease police. Lou and I had a brief greasy discussion about this very topic after reading an article in the NewsTimes.

There's a new ordinance that applies to restaurants and food establishments throughout Danbury that requires them to clean all oil and grease out of wastewater before it flows into the city water system. Since 2012 the city has been inspecting grease traps in all Danbury restaurants.

According to pipelt.com, pouring fats and grease down the drain can cause nasty conglomerations with other debris and chemicals and stick to the walls of pipes which could cause sewer backups. Prevention is the key which is why a new greasy ordinance has been put into effect for all Danbury restaurants and food establishments.

We talked to Mayor Mark about it in our weekly interview with him:

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