There is an impressive and large scale construction project taking place on the corner of Boughton & Main Street in Danbury near where I live.

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I've been watching the guys work, putting an addition on the CIFC (Connecticut Institute for Communities) building and it's really impressive. I'm continually surprised at how fast this project is coming together and the way they have to work, to accomplish these tasks.

I've watched as they methodically create a massive wing on an already huge building in Danbury. It's really interesting to see the way they do this, especially the safety aspects. The men on this crew have certain measures they have to take so there is not a tragic accident. From what I can tell, they each have a tether hooked to their lower back in case they fall.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

With such a tall project, you'd think the dangers were mostly high up in the air, it just makes sense, but things got a little bit hairy on the ground Sunday (12/12/21). I was on my way out to get my morning coffee and saw this:

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Apparently, the materials leaning up against the fence had all tipped over, tilting back the temporary fencing. I don't think that fence was built to hold the weight of those materials and I'll be taking a different route for my daily jog today. What is the cause for this? It has to be wind, right? The wind in Downtown Danbury is something to marvel at. I don't know why, but it feels windier down here than the rest of the city.

I'd hate to be the one in charge of this site who got the call, that this happened. You're about to settle into a day of relaxation, maybe watch the football game and you get a call that a couple of tons of your construction material is being held up by chicken wire over a city street. Sunday was officially ruined for someone.

I love living downtown so much. We moved here about a year ago from the Germantown Road area and I can't get enough of it. There is always something exciting to look at, like this fire hydrant emptying out on Friday.

And hell, if there is nothing exciting going on, on the streets, I walk down to the Ice Arena for a Danbury Hat Tricks game and see twelve fights. (WARNING: Language)

I love this city.

UPDATE: The problem has been fixed. The construction materials are no longer leaning on the fence.  

UPDATE 2: I'm not sure those construction materials that were leaning on the fence are as heavy as I initially thought. 

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So, this list is for Danbury, Brookfield, Bethel, Ridgefield, Newtown, New Milford, New Fairfield, Brewster, Mahopac, Carmel, Somers and I guess we will include North Salem but only if you promise not to get cute with me. 

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