After being met with some resistance during Tuesday night's city council meeting, it looks like the resolution to rename the Danbury sewage plant after HBO host, John Oliver, could be approved during a special meeting tonight.

The proposal was brought before the Danbury city council during their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday night, and despite being met with some opposition, City Council President, Joe Cavo, told us it looks like they may have enough votes to get the resolution passed.

"We took an action that sent this resolution to committee, and there were certain factions of the council that opposed it vehemently, but it's not going to work." said Cavo. "I know I have the votes to do it in a bipartisan manor. My group is totally supporting it, and I have several votes from the other side of the aisle, so this delay tactic to try and slow it down, or stop it, is not going to happen. What we're going to do, is send it to committee for a meeting tonight (Thursday) at 5:45PM, and then put it to vote at a special city council meeting called by the Mayor at 6:30PM."

This whole thing started back in August when HBO "Last Week Tonight" host, John Oliver, went on an explicit angry rant about the city. That prompted Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, to threaten to name the city sewage plant after Oliver, to which the comedian responded by saying he would make a sizable contribution to local charities and local food banks if the city went through with renaming the plant after him.

What followed was this final video response by Mayor Mark:

The Mayor commented on his Facebook live stream on Monday that there are other financial institutions that have now committed to donating a significant amount of money, just north of six figures to local food banks as well. The Mayor is now also promising personal guided tours of the sewage plant for a $500 donation to the food pantries.

So, why the short delay in passing this resolution? According to Joe Cavo, it should have happened at the Tuesday night meeting.

"If politics weren't in play here, and someone wasn't trying to submarine it with their own personal beliefs, not the belief of their constituents, it should have happened during the meeting. We had a tremendous amount of support with letters from not only local residents, but from people all around the world. We had a small delay, we could have been on our way, but now it's another meeting for city council and city attorneys, but it looks like it's a sign of the times, and the vote should go through tonight".

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