When you put men, women, alcohol and hormones in the same room there are certainties.

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One of those certainties is men doing stupid parlor tricks. I found this video on Tik-Tok from @creampie (clever) and I had to share it. It was posted back in July of 2021 and has thousands of views because who doesn't love to watch a man wrestle himself on a dirty floor?

@creampie_ only in Danbury #suspect ♬ as the world caves in slowed - himura

Some of my favorite comments are:

Ippo_no_jo: "Bro…bro this is not that kinda party."

Maddy: "I live in Danbury where u at!!!"

Thanks4Coming: "Telling my kids this is Soulja boy."

I think he has the fantasy confused, it's flexible women that people dig. No one needs a man to be able to plant his chin in his own ass. I do appreciate the fun everyone has when one person puts their rep on the line for everyone else. You think this guy cares what we think of him? No way, he's been to dark places and come back alive, he ain't scared.

P.S. Is that Molly Darcy's? That has to be Molly's. There are no other places where people step outside themselves in Danbury anymore.

9 Things That Totally Suck About Living in Danbury

Elements of a place can totally suck without the place totally sucking. This is the point I intend to make here. Like anywhere else, Danbury has things about it that totally and completely suck without damaging the Hat City's rep to the point of total suckage,

In 1970, Two Men Robbed a Danbury Bank + Blew Up the Police Station

The story of the Pardue brothers, their connection to Danbury and what happened in the Hat City in February of 1970 came to us from Mike Allen. Every Tuesday Mike joins the Ethan and Lou Show on I-95 for a feature called "The Place You Live" and this week it was a local story unlike any I'd ever heard.

John Pardue was a 27-year-old man in 1970 who lived in Danbury, his brother James was 23, and living in Lusby, MD. Before the story finds its way to the Hat City, and the brothers rob the Union Savings Bank on Main Street, they had already racked up quite the list of astonishing crimes.

Prior to Danbury, they robbed banks in Lewisboro, NY, Georgetown, CT and Union, MO. They also killed their father, their grandmother, two other men who helped them pull off the robbery in Georgetown, CT and had, at minimum, a role in the death of an innocent Bridgeport man that they stole a car from. John and James Pardue were hardened criminals before their Danbury bank robbery.

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Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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