Danbury diverse population has created one of the most exciting varieties of cuisines and restaurants in all of the State of Connecticut. Most of our major cities present Restaurant Weeks in some shape or form, not Danbury. City Center Danbury has just announced that their Tastes of Danbury warm weather events will feature month-long specials for all of us to enjoy, at a prix fixe reduced price.

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At this very moment, you can log onto citycenterdanbury.com and purchase a $30 ticket that will buy you a special dish at four different Danbury restaurants. The tickets that are available right now are good from Friday, March 1 to Sunday March 31, 2024 only. Who are the four Danbury restaurants participating for the month of March? They are:

  • Mothership Bakery - 331 Main St.
  • Fino Sabor - 281 Main St.
  • Parrilla - 5 White St.
  • Po-Yo - 274 Main Street

The 'special dishes' have been revealed at each location, Mothership's choices include one of the following: Breakfast Fries, harvest omelette, burrito, salad, or Greek wrap. You can enjoy a wide variety of burgers at Fino Sabor, and choose between mofongo, steak or fish at Parrilla. I've heard nothing but good reviews of the chicken served at Po-Yo, and Empire of the Incas, and the March Tastes of Danbury ticket will get you your choice of a 1/4 Rotisserie chicken with two sides, a Cuban sandwich, or an order of their chicken wings among the options.

Tastes of Danbury 2024 will feature different restaurants each month, I like the concept, it seems easier to allow the consumer the choice as to when and where to eat rather than a weekend festival on the Citycenter green.

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