It seems that everyone's always complaining about all the rain we get, especially in the spring and summer. I also hear people say things like, "It could be worse, we could live in Seattle. Well, maybe that wouldn't be all that bad."

So just for fun, I took a look at a climate comparison chart at, and I was shocked. Believe it or not, Danbury actually gets more rain in a year than Seattle does.

That's right, if you compare the two, Seattle gets approximately 38 inches of rainfall per year compared to Danbury, which gets 51.2 inches of rain yearly.

I know what you're thinking, how is this possible because all you ever hear from people who live or have lived in Seattle, is that it rains there all the time. My theory on that is when you move there, you're told to say those things, just so people think it's miserable and stay away.

Here are some other stats from the chart that may surprise you too. As far as the comfort index, with the higher number being more comfortable, Danbury scores a 46 while Seattle had a comfort index of 79. That means that Seattle's climate is 41.8% more comfortable than Danbury.

Now it's not all bad -- Seattle actually does get more rainy days, 155.3 to Danbury's 122.6. And we do get about 22 more sunny days a year than Seattle, but we get whacked in the winter with snow, 41.6 inches for Danbury and only 4.6 inches a year for Seattle.

So don't buy all that doom and gloom talk about Seattle. When you summarize all the numbers, Seattle isn't all that bad. You may have to put up with a few extra days of light rain, but in Danbury, when it rains, it pours.

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