This night-marish haunted attraction has been voted the most blood-curdling in Connecticut.

After checking five different websites that rate most of the haunted attractions in Connecticut, it was apparent that 'Legends of Fear' in Shelton was the one that led the ghoulish pack.

The first website I researched was which picked out the best haunting in each and every state. Here's what this website had to say about, Legends of Fear,

The Dark Harvest has frightening vampires lurking everywhere. The Funhouse of Fear is like a freak show run amok and The Hallow is so frightening that kids under the age of 12 are not allowed. says to beware of the tractor-pulled hay wagons as they slowly enter the Fields of Fear where you'll experience 30 minutes of bone-chilling fear you'll never forget.

'Legends of Fear' has received 136,354 views on with a customer score of a 4.8/5. They also received a 4.8/5 from the website which wrote,

Journey through the terrifying woods where creatures wait in the darkness to prey on those navigating the trail and then take a hayride you'll never forget.

YouTube Photo by 'Legends of Fear'
YouTube Photo by 'Legends of Fear'

The website which awards this haunt a rating of 9.68/10 will give you several in-depth reviews of 'Legends of Fear.' Pay particular attention to the zombie wall early on in the Hallow where all of a sudden all lights go out and the screams are horrifying.

If you think you can manage this haunted attraction without crying like a child or soiling your underwear, click on for every single un-nerving detail. What could possibly go wrong?

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