A new nationwide survey reveals the favorite Thanksgiving side in every state and the Nutmeg State is nutty about mashed potatoes. Zippia set out to find the answer to this burning holiday question.

The key in finding this data was identifying the side dish that each state eats a "disproportionate amount of." They gathered the metrics from Google Trends and came up with a lot of additional information.

Zippia learned that we're not alone for our mashed potato obsession in CT, 9 other states share the opinion that a pile of starch is the best side. Maine's favorite side, was salad so they are just showing off and Alabama doesn't eat stuffing.

They have something similar to stuffing that is called "dressing," which is apparently a southern style stuffing with a baffling name. I don't like the Alabama Crimson Tide Football team, their fans or their coach so it should come as no surprise to me that I don't like that they decided to come up with their own name for stuffing.

That said, I found a recipe for this "dressing" on a site called "Diva's Can Cook" and it sounds amazing. Cornbread? Yes please. Chicken thighs? You bet. Buttermilk? You had me at butter.

How about our direct neighbors, what are their favorite turkey day sides? Every state that we share a border with, chose stuffing. That's interesting, that we can be a stubborn foothold right in the middle of a volcano of stuffing. Below is a helpful map should you want to explore this great nation's gastro cravings.

Photo: Zippia
Photo: Zippia
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