Buddy, the fugitive Beefalo, has now become a celebrated legend, and here's why.

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Since August 3, the 800-900 pound beefalo has been on the run after escaping a local slaughterhouse. Known fondly as 'Buddy the Beefalo,' his notoriety has grown to include T-shirt sales and now a Twitter feed dedicated to this liberty-loving bull, according to an article in the Hartford Courant.

Buddy has occasionally been spotted off Route 72 in Plymouth. As rumor has it, it's been some time since Buddy has enjoyed some intimate female companionship, which, according to Plymouth Police Captain, Edward Benecchi, "makes him dangerous".

Police believe that if the bull happens to wander onto Route 72, there's the chance of a vehicle vs. beefalo collision, which could result in serious injuries. In an attempt to get Buddy to surrender, the Plymouth Police Department has decided to organize a GoFundMe page to raise Buddy the Beefalo's Bail.

Why a GoFundMe page for a fugitive beefalo? If this campaign is able to raise $6,000, which is the cost for Buddy's owner, this beefcake can be turned over to an animal sanctuary where Buddy the Beefalo can live happily ever with no fear of being turned into a beefalo top sirloin. By the way, beefalo meat is far superior both in taste and nutrition.

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