A new study conducted by ADT and published in Psych News Daily indicates that Americans fear people more than anything and that fear is known as "Anthropophobia". For the Nutmeg State, the biggest fear was flying or "Aerophobia."

ADT analyzed Google data to determine the biggest fear in each state, flying blood, needles, people and holes were all popular answers. How about our neighbors? New Jersey is scared of the dark and New York had one of the more unique survey results, the Empire State is afraid of intimacy.

This is why I love CT, fear of flying is one of my top fears, It's super legitimate to be afraid of being on a plane. I'm not afraid because it's dangerous, we all know it's safer than traveling in a car, or so we are told.

I am afraid of flying because one drunkard, a-hole or moron can ruin a trip to Puerto Rico by insisting they don't need to wear a mask, want to argue with another passenger over luggage space, did not get the gluten free meal and on we go.

The minute we step on a plane we are at the mercy of every other individual that did the same. One person's bad day can equal a bad day for everyone on that aircraft and that terrifies me.

Years ago when my plane would land and people would clap, I'd roll my eyes. Post 9/11, post COVID reality, nothing is more appropriate than clapping after an uneventful flight. We should all clap when 200 strangers manage to not piss each other off for four hours.

Psych News Daily
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