To say the least, not everyone is loving one local town's decision to kill three beavers.

According to the Register Citizen, South Windsor officials have taken action against local wildlife they say could cause damage to residents homes. Apparently, the beavers have been causing extensive damage at Nevers Park. Aside from the damage to trees, local officials were also concerned beaver dams could potentially lead to floods at homes in the area.

The local officials reportedly trapped and killed three beavers to put an end to the damage and say that they were left with no other choice. The Town says it was all in compliance with Department of Energy and Environmental Protection regulations.

One concerned citizen named Carrie Jones Morris posted this to Facebook:

I’m so angry right now, after the Mayor promised the removal of the beaver traps at South Windsor’s Nevers Park until all of the options had been considered and agreeing to invite the beaver expert from Massachusetts, our South Windsor Town Manager Matt Galligan apparently took it upon himself and ordered the traps reset and all 3 beavers were killed between yesterday and today.

It's a tale as old as time -- MAN versus BEAVER. "Animal rights person" versus "What's good for people person." I'm not going to take sides on this one. Instead, I'll grab some popcorn and follow the action like it's a College Basketball game. March Madness, indeed, and in April no less.

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