The Connecticut State Police are warning of the dangers of what the News Times has referred to as "Ice Missiles." These are chunks of flying ice coming off of other cars.

A post from the State Police themselves says that the amount of cars being damaged by the flying ice are "alarmingly high." This happens when people don't properly clear their cars of snow and ice. If you do not properly clear your car of snow and ice, you are in violation of Connecticut State Statute 14-252a. If you are caught in violation of this statute, you could get a $120 fine.

I'm all for "Ice Missiles," just not this way. I can't afford to to get blasted in the face on the highway doing 75 by flying debris, because someone is lazy. Best case scenario: I'd live to tell the tale and have expensive damage to my car. Worst case: I die, because I'm distracted by the missile that just struck me. So clean your car off properly, so that we can all live long enough to see the invention of REAL "Ice Missiles." These will, of course, be invented by a black-ops, experimental, secret wing of the Government. The "Ice Missiles" will come at a low cost and be extremely effective in our eventual war against artificial intelligence.

Let's live to see another day — it's a bright future on the horizon. Brothers in arms, standing shoulder to shoulder, killing robots with frozen shards of water.


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