Scam artists could be taking advantage of the rising concerns about the Coronavirus.

The Department of Consumer Protection has issued an alert about scam artists taking advantage of consumers during the Coronavirus scare. These lowlifes love to prey on people's fears. The DCP is warning residents,

Scam artists could possibly post email and text to promote false information about 'cases' of the disease in your neighborhood that do not exist, and bogus prevention medicine in order to obtain your personal information and your money.  

Also, be on the lookout for bogus charities asking for donations and at the same time dispensing advice about false treatments for the Coronavirus. The CDC also warns about bogus investment opportunities from false companies that claim they have a miracle cure for the virus. compiles the latest stats regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and as of Wednesday, February 18, 2020:

Total World Cases: 73,439

China: 72,440

Total Deaths: 1,870

USA Cases: 15 (No Connecticut Cases)

Fatality Rate: 2%

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