Whenever there is "a thing" it gets on my nerves really fast.

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When I read that the air quality would be bad in Connecticut thanks to the Canadian wildfires, I anticipated getting annoyed by all the people talking about it and I was right. By Wednesday (6/7/23) I was way over the air quality as a topic of conversation. Right on cue, my co-worker walks into the studio, sits down, fake coughs and tells me he's having a "tough time" with the air quality.

Being a sensitive and empathetic individual I mocked him, called him dramatic, insinuated he was lying and said get over it. It's not that I don't believe this could effect someone, it's that I don't believe it was impacting him in any way. He just wanted to talk about air and I didn't want to spend one more ounce of good, or bad air talking discussing it.

Anyway, later that day I found a group of hilarious humans who also seem to be "over it." The Connecticut Reddit page had a post on Wednesday from u/Gunnie Graves that read:

Yes, it is smoky again today. Yes, we can all see it. Yes, there is an air quality alert.

Ok we good for the day now, everyone?

And the responses were on point and so CT:

Slightlyitchysocks: "All this smoke is impacting my ability to see mountain lions."

mkt853: "No problem with seeing the bears though."

parkinglotpro860: "Appreciate you reiterating that boss, same time tmrw?"

Fireytoots: "I just don't understand how people are still asking "what is this?" like are there people who truly just live under a rock?"

Gunnie Graves: "Your guess is as good as mine. It’d be one thing to blame not finding posts on reddits s-- search function, but that would have to ignore the fact that every f---- post yesterday was about it. But it’s on the news, weather apps, and everyone I interacted yesterday pointed it out too."

woofieroofie: "Sorry, can't read your post through this smoke. You guys all see it right?"

CroMag84: "I hope we can talk about this forever."

Gunnie Graves: "Schedule a post for 1 year from now. “You guys remember the haze?! Good times right?!”

Runny Discharge: "How's the sun today, though? any photos? Are we doing "funny" license plates again?"

gormlessthebarbarian: "also there's traffic. and people driving too slow, or too fast. and my electric bill."

SueBeee: "This is the Reddit equivalent of that guy who keeps posting "PLEASE STOP REPLYING TO ALL" in work email threads."

BadDogEDN: ""It tastes like burning"

ParAnnoyed: "It's like a Cypress Hill concert out there."

OK-Collection-7253: "Meanwhile in Canada.. everything’s literally on fire. BUT THE SMOKE !!!"

mikeymo1741: "Can somebody post a picture of the sun for me?"

julipooz: "Are you sure we don’t need 15 posts about the blood moon rising?"

MeasureTheCrater: "That's not smoke. It's steam from my ears because I decided to go to the grocery store while elderly people are shopping."

I still have not watched any of the Harry Potter movies because people wouldn't shut up about them. That won't make an ounce of sense to half of you but it will be perfectly logical to others. I'll die from inhaling this stuff before I allow this to be as dramatic as it actually is.

Here is the first moment "someone" tried to discuss it on the I-95 Morning Show, I shut it right down and "he" did not take it well.

This reminds me of when it's super hot and they run PSA's telling people to be careful with the elderly population. Like oh I can't push the elderly people in any hot tubs or saunas today? Can't make them sit in my car with the heat on full blast? Damn. So upsetting my normal routine of cooking senior citizens has been so rudely interrupted by this heat wave.

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