How do you determine levels of snobbery? Well the method used by Zippia seems pretty foolproof. They considered some interesting factors to rank the snobbiest states in America 1-50.

They looked at how much wine people consumed in each state, factored in graduation rates, considered how many people got their degree in arts or humanities and added in how many top-tier universities are in each state.

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After all was said and all was done, CT ranked number 3 on the list of the Snobbiest States in America. The Nutmeg State came in behind only Massachusetts (#1) and Vermont (#2). How did our neighbors do? The Empire State ranked 4th and the Garden State was #12.


Listen, I live here and I'm telling you this is an unfortunate truth. There are a lot of D-bags walking around with their nose in the air. You just have to ignore them and focus on the good.

We have great schools, most people in CT are nice, the radio stations are wonderful, the landscapes are breathtaking, the food is amazing and the history and architecture are second to no state.

I'll give you an example of how to handle these snobs. My wife and I were out to dinner at a restaurant we can't afford. Before we took an Uber there, we had a bunch of our booze at home to save some money, we got our ride and went to the restaurant.

While laughing at the prices on the menu and sharing a bowl of overpriced wine, we glanced over to the bar and saw a helpless creature. There was a man in his full CT outfit. He had on Land's End gear from head to toe and sat alone at a busy bar.

This ass face was making love to a very expensive glass of wine that he ordered as loud as he could, for all to hear. He was sniffing it, whiffing it, swirling it, nosing it and talking about notes and aromas. We started to make sex noises every-time he took a sip.

Then when he started to talk about the notes again, we'd do our best impression of him. During the impression we'd replace commonplace tastes and smells with something less common. Instead of detecting notes of wood with a citrus aftertaste, we'd say something like, "Am I detecting dog balls? There is a strong finish here."

This is the only way to deal with these snobs that are unfortunately everywhere you look, but if you can look past them or mock your way through them, CT is a pretty dope place to live.

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