According to the CT Post Cromwell, CT Police say two men armed with a crowbar and a machete robbed the Taco Bell on Shunpike Road Monday. Authorities say the two men entered around 2:30 am, weapons in hand and demanded money. The report states the suspects had employees empty the safe and their pockets. The two men then reportedly exited the rear door and got into a waiting car.

Police say they responded to the area and engaged a tan colored Honda Accord with it's headlights off. Officers say they tried to pull the vehicle over but the driver fled. The Police say they pursued the vehicle but the suspects were able to elude them. The chase was terminated on Route 9.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Cromwell Police at (860) 635-2256

What could possibly be accomplished by robbing a Taco Bell? When we are talking about poor judgement this decision has to rank pretty high. OK, you have made the decision to be a criminal and you are going to steal money that does not belong to you. Might as well think big, right?

Or you can go the other way and rob a fast food restaurant that charges a dollar for most of their menu items. Looks like these folks (allegedly) went the other way. This is not exactly Ocean's 11 we are talking about here, I just hope they had the presence of mind to grab a Chalupa on the way out.


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