48 people were reportedly arrested in a Connecticut city in an attempt to crack down on drag racing.

According to the New Haven Register, New Haven Police say a known problem area for drag racing was Foxon Boulevard and they put a plan in place and conducted a sting operation Saturday in the Elm City. The authorities say they collected information from local business owners along the Foxon strip and used that intelligence to establish traffic posts at target locations. All tolled, 47 adults and one juvenile were arrested with cops towing 10 cars. All the arrests were made with a promise to appear in court.

Crime (alleged) doesn't pay, kids. Neither does racing, unless you are a race car driver — I hear that pays really well. There is a time and place for everything. The time and place for cars racing is a car race, on a track, with the cars being driven by professionals, with safety measures in place, sponsors and checkered flags.

Humming past McDonald's (allegedly) on Foxon Boulevard with three of your best pals in the car is dangerous and stupid. Anyone who does illegal drag racing is putting the lives of innocent strangers at risk. Let's grow up, you are not Dale Earnhardt and you are never going to be. You are not Vin Diesel and this is not the movies. Now please excuse me, I need to feed my high horse.

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