The story rocked the public in Connecticut and Massachusetts back in 2016 when Hartford's Amador Medina was accused of stealing human remains from a Worcester, MA cemetery.

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According to the AP, Medina was one of two CT men charged with stealing bones from the Hope Cemetery in Worcester in 2015. The Berkshire Eagle says Medina was alleged to have taken 8 skeletons from two mausoleums, plead not guilty and went through a lengthy legal-battle.

Medina was ultimately convicted and sentenced yesterday (4/19/22) to two-and-a half years in prison according to Metro News. The judge did grant Medina a credit for the more than 500 days he already served while awaiting trial. Metro says Medina used the human remains for "religious ceremonies."

So wait a second, the guy was sentenced to two-and-a half years or 912.5 days. He's being given credit for more than 500, let's call it 500 or 1.3 years. That means he has roughly 412 days to go, or a little over a year. He will be out on the street in June of 2023 at worst? That is comforting, let us add this to the list of really crazy headlines we've seen all over CT in 2022.

P.S. This trial went on longer than the sentence will ultimately be. It appears that the reason this court proceeding took so long is the defense kept attempting to suppress evidence. For instance, WTNH says Medina's defense attorney Michael Cashman attempted to prove that the bones were obtained by authorities in an illegal fashion.

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