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On Monday, James Iannazzo stood in front of Connecticut Superior Court Judge Ndidi Moses. According to the CT Post, he was told, "You are ordered to stay away from Robeks and have no further contact with the victim."

According to the Fairfield Police Department, on January 29, Iannazzo had ordered a smoothie at Robeks and then returned later after calling 911 because his son had an allergic reaction. The following TikTok video that went viral captured what happened at the smoothie shop.

WARNING - Video contains unedited profanity

Robek workers told police that Iannazzo did NOT mention an allergy but requested a smoothie without peanut butter. However, Iannazzo's spokesperson claimed that he had informed workers of the allergy. A statement prepared by Iannazzo said,

 “I feel terrible that I lost my composure so completely. I was out of my mind with fear for him when I returned to Robek’s, and I wish I had not done so. I also wish they had been more careful preparing my son’s beverage,”

Iannazzo was promptly fired by his employer, Merrill Lynch claiming, "Our company does not tolerate behavior of this kind." In addition, he was charged with a felony of intimidation based on bigotry or bias, breach of peace, and criminal trespass.

Iannazzo also tried to break into a locked employee-only behind the counter at the Robeks location, according to police. The judge set March 9 as Iannazzo's second court date to enter his plea.

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