Heads up, y'all, I have some information you need.

You might already know, but if you don't or you forgot, you will thank me later. According to FOX 61, the Department of Consumer Protection, some liquor permit holders in the Nutmeg State are required to close on Christmas Day and on New Year's Day. Bars are also required to close on New Year's Day by 3:00 AM.

Again, some of you already knew this, and good for you, but those who didn't, definitely needed this tip. Nothing is worse than pulling up to a package store to find they are closed because of some law that was made for reasons.

I like to stock up for the holidays ahead of time and my wife likes to go a different way. She likes to say, "no, you don't need to get it now, I'll go get it tomorrow." And then tomorrow comes, and the doors of every liquor store throughout the State are closed and she's like, "Oh, sorry."

Let's keep our heads on a swivel and a full stock of booze in the pantry. It's the Holidays and being with the family means we will need a sip or twelve.

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