Beep, beep, baby, who's driving the car?

The debate about self-driving vehicles will be a long and varied one, I believe. But as the technology continues to advance, so will the possibility that in the near future, these vehicles could become the norm. As a daily commuter with an hour or plus drive to work, I remain on the fence, but am open to the idea, I think. (Nice waffling, Pam!)

Not wanting to be on the fence appears to be the stance of Connecticut lawmakers who introduced Senate Bill-260, which states the reason for the Bill as:

To establish a pilot program for up to two municipalities to test autonomous vehicles (AVs); and creates a task force to study AVs made up of various legislative and gubernatorial appointees as well as the DOT commissioner. The task force must report to the Transportation Committee by January 1, 2018.

In a story from, Connecticut's House voted 130-18 on June 5 in favor of a bill that will create a task force to study the so-called "autonomous" vehicles and develop legislative recommendations for regulating them in up to four cities. Bill-260 has already cleared the Senate and now heads to Governor Malloy for consideration.

Rep. Tony Guerrera told

Connecticut does not want to be behind the eight ball and behind any technology when self-driving vehicles become more commonplace

Inching closer, one tire tread at a time. I'll be honest, I'd be perfectly happy to sit back, close my eyes, and let someone else do the driving, but I think that's called chauffeur instead of autonomous!

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