No matter how hard Connecticut's Governor tried, it looks like a major change to the state's liquor law is not going to fly.

I'm an equal opportunity booze buyer. I'll go to my local "mom and pop" liquor store, but I also happily peruse the huge selection at the big outlets too. Like a kid in the candy store, I wander around taking in the massive selections, while often sampling a myriad of beverages that I wouldn't usually be aware of.

While in my favorite "big" liquor store in the past few months, I noticed a sign asking customers to oppose a Connecticut law that basically doesn't let wine and liquor to be sold at below cost. So, my curiosity was peaked. I found an article in the New Haven Register about the lawsuit the chain was bringing to court over the issue.

Who doesn't like getting a bargain? More often than not, the bigger stores can give you better pricing, but my local family owned store also knows me and what I like to drink, and will often set it aside for me. I sure don't want to see them put out of business. That's frequently the outcome though, isn't it?

According to, Governor Malloy has been looking to put a stop to Connecticut's minimum pricing system on liquor, which would make those large outlets very happy, but not so much the small package store owners. Looks like Malloy's efforts have faded away.

Check out this "crazy like a fox" move. It's like the door was just closed and locked behind. According to a new report from the New Haven Register Connecticut's legislative General Law Committee ended their work early and decided not to call the measure for a vote.

Okay then, score one for the little guy. As for me, I'll continue shopping at both places. You know me, I was born to shop.

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