What is happiness, really? Is it health, wealth, safety or some combination? Whatever the answer, Connecticut has got plenty of it.

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According to a new study from Wallet Hub, CT residents ranked 11th in a National Happiness Study. How about our neighbors? New Jersey is happier, coming in at 9 and New York did OK at 18.

Source: WalletHub

If we are so happy in CT, you might wonder what all the complaining is about? I don't wonder, I know. I am both, happy and constantly complaining, it's one of the things that brings me the most joy.

There are those who complain here, that are truly miserable. Through my radio show I speak to people all the time who loathe CT and continue to live here. I think many of them realize how stupid that sounds, so they always swear they are leaving soon. The exit plan usually involves moving to Florida.

GO! Pack your swim trunks and bring a rake to fight off the dinosaurs (gators) that will end up in your pool and backyard. You'll also want some industrial bug spray because the insects are the size of footballs. Leave, head for the sunshine and buckle up for swamp ass while decorating the Christmas tree, we'll all be better for it.

OK, that got away from me, I might have taken it too far. I understand we are taxed into oblivion, our infrastructure is crumbling all around us, our leadership is often corrupt, the weather is bad, and for some reason people insist on driving below the speed limit in the passing lane. I'm not blind to the issues here in the Constitution State, but you have to weigh the pros/cons and I think we have more pros, like:

  • Rich history
  • Beautiful seasons like summer and fall
  • Fantastic architecture
  • Candlewood Lake
  • Great food
  • A fast paced lifestyle (yes that is a good thing)
  • We are a short drive from Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, Fenway Park, the shore points in New Jersey, Block Island, Cape Cod, Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods, Atlantic City, and Broadway to name just a few.
  • People generally smell good here

Congrats on your success and happiness CT, you smell terrific.

P.S. Look at the doofus in the featured image, happy as a pig in stink. While that is a stock photo, I'd bet my whole farm that the photo was taken in Connecticut. CT leads the nation in doughy, grinning middle-aged men getting massages. In fairness, I am a doughy, grinning middle-aged man who could use a massage.

Below is a direct quote from Wallet Hub explaining their methodology:

"In order to determine the happiest states in America, WalletHub compared the 50 states across three key dimensions: 1) Emotional & Physical Well-Being, 2) Work Environment and 3) Community & Environment."

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