No one wants an end of the beautiful blue sky days. This weather pattern is gorgeous, but when do forecasters think the drought in our state will end?

If you answered with a snowy Winter, you have probably nailed it on the head.

In a story from, forecasters are saying that with the breaking up of the El Nino conditions that kept temperatures warmer than usual and snow away last winter, we should expect a more regular New England winter by the end of 2016 and into 2017. Seeing as we are desperate for water, as much as I don't want a snow laden Winter, the runoff from melting snow sure would help the conditions we are currently in.

The National Drought Mitigation Center map below shows Connecticut is experiencing severe drought conditions.

The National Drought Mitigation Center
The National Drought Mitigation Center

All sorts of information can be found online at, which is the website for the National Drought Mitigation Center. The site offers all sorts of information and articles like drought and climate are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

I always figure forewarned is forearmed.

Never fear, the state of Connecticut  has you covered. Did you know we have an actual Drought Preparedness and Response Plan? Well now you do. Phew, I feel better already. Just as long as we don't get slammed with snow this Winter.

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