While I'm not happy about how high my taxes are in Connecticut, I paid up what I owed on April 15. Appears a lot of other residents are hanging on to their money. Evidently, that isn't boding well for our state.

No one likes taxes. I think that's a pretty spot on statement. But it's the reality of this machine we call Government and our way of life. I totally understand not wanting to pay up, or working to live under the radar, but when that happens it does have a ripple affect.

The Hartford Courant reports that Governor Malloy is ordering an immediate hiring freeze. Why you ask? Because state income tax collections have taken a major turn downward. According to courant.com the Governor's confirmed a whopper. Tax collections in the state are $450 million below projected levels.

With out a doubt we can expect both parties to point fingers at each other over what to do, whose at fault, (other than the deadbeats not paying of course) and how to solve the gap.

State agency heads are being urged to take any steps possible to achieve savings. The final tax collection numbers are expected to be released on Monday.

At the end of the day, whether you've taken care of your tax bill, or not, we are all still going to pay the price.

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