If you've tried to take your vehicle through emissions testing here in Connecticut over the past couple of days, you've been turned away. Word came out over this past weekend that a malware attack, reportedly a ransomware virus, was discovered by a worldwide leader of computerized emissions testing products, Applus Technologies.

Applus immediately shut down its network in order to prevent the malware from spreading any further, but in doing so, that shut down vehicle emission services all together to many states here in the US. In addition to Connecticut, you cannot get an emissions test done in New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Georgia, Idaho, Texas or Utah.

This malware attack is having an immediate domino effect on more aspects of motor vehicle operation. In most states, you cannot register a vehicle unless it's been through the emissions process.

According to Wfsb.com, officials from the CT DMV have advised local law enforcement agencies to not ticket drivers with expired emissions while testing is down. Also, according to the CT Post, Applus Technologies said in a statement that customers who have recently been through the emissions process in the affected states, including Connecticut, should keep an eye on their financial statements.

Not much is known yet what information has been stolen by the hackers. Applus Technologies hasn't released too much in the way of how their network has been compromised. If you think you're going to get out of paying that $20 fee for the near future, think again, the brainiacs are working overtime trying to fix this, and emissions testing should start up yet again in the very near future.

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