Heads up peeps, a change is a coming.

While this announcement of change in your Connecticut driver's license process came out at the end of Dec. 2016, you very well might have missed it, I know I did.

So let's revisit it.

In a press release from Connecticut's Department of Motor Vehicles the DMV is changing the way it issues drivers' licenses.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) today announced that it will transition to a central issuance program in accordance with Connecticut’s security plan under the Real ID Act and as required by federal law. It anticipates full implementation by the end of 2017.

The central issuance of driver licenses and official state ID cards is one of two allowable options under the federal Real ID Act of 2005 as a measure to protect against fraud and identity theft.

Questions? I bet you have them. Answers to things like:

  • Do I have to take this option
  • Why is Connecticut offering it
  • What is this new program for ID protection
  • What does a verified ID do for me

Answers to those and more about the Real ID Program can be found at ct.gov/dmv

Of course this is just a heads up piece. None of this is happening yet, but again the state says it hopes to have it fully running by the end of this year. May is my birthday month, and I do have AAA. Seeing as that is where I always go to renew mine, I'll get back to you with any more info I can get. I better get there quick, and I probably should read the information that DMV recently mailed to me.

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