If you're a regular commuter between Oxford and Southbury, a key back road to get across I-84 is going to be closed down to traffic for the next 8 months as a major bridge replacement project gets underway in Southbury next week.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation has announced that beginning Monday, March 22, Bucks Hill Road will be closed to all traffic and a detour will be put in place as the DOT works to replace the bridge on Bucks Hill Road that goes across I-84.

The road closure will start at 7 AM Monday March 22 and will remain in place until Monday, November 22 at 7 AM. The bridge over I-84 actually has a number, it's bridge 01157, and the replacement project number is 0080-0130. The contract for the work was awarded to Rotha Contracting Company, Inc. at a cost of $9,784,538.80. The project is scheduled to be completed by November 11, 2022.

Traffic will be re-routed around the worksite by utilizing detours and signage on Old Waterbury Road, Munn Road, and Route 188.


Munn Road is located on 188 right near the turnoff for Black Hog Brewing - Bristol Town Road, right before the 188 intersection with Rt. 67. It's a bit of a further trip past the Waterbury-Oxford Airport entrance for commuters used to picking up the Old Waterbury Road entrance near Patty's Pantry and the Mobil. This closure will inconvenience the neighbors near Walnut Hill Brook, who will have to drive around the detour route to get into the Southbury Plaza area of town, instead up going up and over Bucks Hill and I-84. Get ready to plan accordingly.

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