A cow in Connecticut has found its way home after going missing some weeks back when it was on its way to auction.

According to the News Times, the cow named Finn was apparently wandering around a New Britain watershed property during its hiatus. One New Britain resident was leaving hay and water on that property out for Finn, and they were able to track the cow down Tuesday night (January 22). New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart tweeted Wednesday “The cow is rescued and is being ‘mooved’ out of state.”

Yeah, Finn escaped, because it's a cow and the cow heard it was headed for AUCTION. What happens after auction? Bad things. You think these cows don't know what the hell is going on? Get real, New Britain. The only thing keeping this brilliant cow from a life of true freedom was a lack of speed. You ain't auctioning no cheetah, let me tell you what right now.

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