Over the past two days, an alleged college admission scandal that has seen multiple celebrities and public figures accused of bribery and more has made headlines across the country. Now, at least two Connecticut individuals were also implicated.

According to the News Timesex-Yale women's soccer coach, Rudolph Meredith, who coached the women's team from 1995 through November 2018, and Attorney Gordon Caplan from Greenwich, who works at an international law firm in New York City, have both now been arrested and charged.

Meredith was charged with working for a college counseling and prep service that helped students cheat on their SATs and ACTs. He's been charged with two counts of wire fraud. Federal court documents claim that $75,000 was paid to an individual to oversee an ACT exam taken by Caplan's daughter and then correcting the answers after she had finished the test.

The alleged kingpin in this college scandal has been identified as Rick Singer who runs a non-profit called, The Key Worldwide Foundation. Caplan was charged with allegedly paying $75,000 to the foundation so they would alter his daughter's answers on the ACT exam so she would pass with an exemplary score. Caplan and Meredith, along with the other parents who authorities say took part in the scheme, have been charged with conspiracy and mail fraud.

Also charged in the scandal were actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

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