I am a huge book lover. One of my favorite things to do is sit down with a good book, turn off my mind and immerse myself into a world of fiction.

Independent book stores are the definition of the perfect vibe. They always have a bit of uniqueness to them and it's always such a fun and relaxing day to browse the shelves and then make my way to a local coffee shop to read my new book.

I came across something interesting that I wanted to share. I found this important because the whole event supports all locally-owned stores. In this day and age, it's so important to continue showing love to these local shops that fully rely on the public to survive. As you've seen, we have been sharing so many retail giants closing lately, so I am happy to share an event like this that actually helps all of these independently owned bookstores.

The event is called the Connecticut Book Trail and it is taking place on April 27 and April 28, 2024. The event is to help celebrate Independent Bookstore Day which is on April 27. Now what is the event you ask? Great question.

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All across Connecticut, 21 independent bookstores have teamed up to bring book lovers into their shops. The website says that "the trail showcases the unique character and charm of each bookstore, while also highlighting the diverse literary community in Connecticut."

The goal for the book trail is to visit all of the 21 participating bookstores within a certain amount of time. You will get a passport booklet and it will be stamped at each location you go to. There are big prizes at the end for people who achieve the goal.

If you visit all 21 bookstores between April 27 and 28, you will be in the running to win the grand prize of a $50 gift card to each of the participating bookstores.

If you visit 12 or more bookstores between the two days, you will be in the running for a prize of a $25 gift card to each of the participating bookstores.

If you visit 8 of the stores within the two days, you will be in the running for a bookish puzzle. And if you visit 5 stores within the two days, you will be in the running for a sticker pack.

They also threw in another prize for people that can't get to all of the bookstores that particular weekend. If you can complete your passport book and visit all 21 participating bookstores between April 27 and Labor Day, you will be in the running to win a gift card bundle of $25 to all of the participating bookstores.

The participating stores range all over Connecticut. From Old Greenwich, to Mystic, to Bridgeport, Danbury and everywhere in between. This is the perfect way to see the beauty of Connecticut and this is just an extra excuse to do so.

I absolutely love this idea and I love that the whole idea around it is to shop local and to help support all of our local bookstores. With the competition of retail giants and the convenience at our finger tips from places like Amazon, it is so important to take advantage of events like this and help out our local stores.

To see the list of participating stores and to get all of the information you need, you can visit the website here. See you April 27 and 28. I'll be collecting my stamps.

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