A Reddit user named dancit28 asked this question; "Employers of Reddit, how did the job candidate instantly lose the job?" The answers came flooding in and one is worse than the next.

  • A guy applying for a restaurant job showed up with no shirt or shoes on.
  • Woman shows up for a developer job, and turns out to be the ex-girlfriend of one of the interviewers. Bonus: she ghosted him after 2 year relationship with no explanation, leaving him to believe she had died or been kidnapped for years, leading him into therapy. Double bonus: her resume from that time lists HIS job and qualifications, as in she was claiming to have his skills and experience at the same company. Triple bonus: she did not know how to program in any language. FATALITY: stole a laptop from the receptionist's desk on her way out.
  • During her interview, a woman asked how many of the male employees were single.
  • Kid shows up in an interview for sales in a Metallica raglan with a dagger coming out of a toilet. "Metal up your ass!" it says. When asked why he wanted to work at my company, he grumbles, "My DAD said I had to get a JOB."
  • A guy in a brand new, un-ironed dress shirt forgot to take out the pins and started bleeding.  His eyes were also bloodshot when he showed up.
  • Data analyst applicant dressed like a shop teacher from the 1970's helps himself to the manager's sealed pack of donuts he was saving later for a team meeting. When the manager expresses shock, the applicant apologizes, and puts back the donut with a bite out of it back into the box and closes it back up.
  • A woman asked, "Does this place have a policy on drugs?  Because I like to have fun on the weekends."
  • A guy's cover letter was just a blank page with the words "Cover Letter" on it.
  • A guy's resume said he spoke French.  But when they asked about it, he said he could only speak it when he's drunk.
  • A woman who wanted to be a police dispatcher had an outstanding warrant.  So instead of a job, she got arrested.
  • My department has had a guy apply with neck tattoos of marijuana leaves and another guy admit to sinking his own boat for insurance fraud during the polygraph.
  • For a software engineer position, we asked the candidate to identify any algorithms he was familiar with and how he had used them in the past. He said he didn’t know what the word “algorithm” meant and went on a rant about how he likes playing games with grids (like D&D). Another interview we asked someone several basic coding questions and every question was avoided with a story about their previous job as a stocker. Each question was more basic than the last just to see if he was even listening to us. He wasn’t (I guess)

"Metal up Your Ass" for the win!

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