The New York Yankees have won 17 of their last 18 games. Last night was another amazing victory. The Yankees took the 2nd of a 3 game series from the Sox with a 9-6 win. The game had it all, a playoff atmosphere, devastating mistakes and clutch hits. It also served as a reminder that I don't like Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel.

It's not that Kimbrel wears the enemy uniform, although that does not help. It's what this guy does before every pitch that makes me go nuts. He does this thing where he tries to look intimidating by becoming a human preying mantis. He leans in for the sign from the catcher, extends his right arm out and hangs it at the elbow like salami in a deli. The intimidation did not work last night. It went a little something like this.

Look at me everyone, I'm very scary, I'm a spider!

This is how I know the rivalry is officially back, I am spending way too much time mad at how the opposing pitcher poses like a dragon before throwing the ball.





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