If something being offered online sounds too good to be true, often times, it probably is.

Costco is warning their customers that a $75 coupon being shared on Facebook and other Social Media sites is actually a hoax.

The members-only retailer took to social media Tuesday night to clear the air on a link that claims that Costco was giving away a $75 coupon to anyone who shares the web page.

Costco fake coupon scams have become something of an annual tradition. Last year at this time, a coupon claiming to be a savings celebration for the company's 50th Anniversary also was a fake.

According to connecticut.news12.com, in order to take advantage of the $75 dollar savings, shoppers were asked to share their personal information in order to be eligible.

Costco also wanted their customers to know that they do offer members exclusive coupons with weekly savings and promotions, but this particular offer is not a real Costco offer.

Another thing to keep in mind, according to a representative of the company, is that Costco will never offer savings coupons anywhere on social media.

If you have fell victim to the scam, Costco is inviting their customers to email costcocare@costco.com if they wanted to provide further details about their experience with the fake coupon.

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