I know, I'm a dude and I work for a radio station, I'm supposed to write about guitars and loud cars, right? Not today. Today, I'm all about skin care. I listen to my wife, she works for Ulta Beauty, and when she says this is news, I pay attention. So, here you go - Clarisonic is a brand of skin care products made by cosmetics giant L'Oreal. Yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, Clarisonic announced on their social media platforms that they were shutting down all operations as of September 30, 2020, and starting immediately, EVERYTHING they sell is being marked down 50%.

This is a major player in the world of skincare, and millions of women and men have used, and still use, their products. So, here is Mrs. Large's advice - get to your nearest Ulta Beauty location here in Connecticut - Danbury, Waterbury, Westport, Norwalk, Enfield, etc, there are plenty of them, look them up online at ultabeauty.com - and buy what you want right now, because they're not going to be making any more very soon.

According to the official statement on Clarisonic's website, " This difficult decision was made so that L'Oréal can focus its attention on its other core business offerings." If you've just recently purchased a device, Clarisonic will continue to honor the warranty on the product - "As long as your device is purchased from an authorized retailer before 9/30/2020 and registered on www.clarisonic.com or the Clarisonic App before 10/31/2020, we will continue to honor your warranty up until October 31, 2022, depending on the warranty period of your device"

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