A landslide vote in the House of Representatives has authorized a pilot program to sell and produce hemp in Connecticut.

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According to the Hartford Courant, the hemp bill was passed unanimously by the House and fast-tracked without debate. Governor Ned Lamont told the Courant:

This legislation will strengthen our efforts to grow our agricultural economy and create jobs, and do so in a responsible manner by opening a competitive market to thousands of Connecticut's farmers.

The growing of hemp has become a booming industry because the plant produces the type of cannabis that yields CBD oil which doesn't get you high but instead is used to treat pain, anxiety, and inflammation. What's the difference between hemp and pot?

The major attraction for Connecticut farmers is that an acre of hemp can yield 500 to 1,500 pounds of hemp flower which could create $37,500 to $150,000 of profit. Other uses from the hemp plant include pet food and bedding, body oil and lotions, plastic, paper, construction materials, and fuel.

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