I am not a medical marijuana patient, although I've wanted to be ever since Connecticut allowed it in 2012. My friends who do have their cards suffer from a debilitating medical conditions, and have paid a hefty fee to the state every year in order to access their medicine. As of this Saturday, Connecticut will waive that annual fee, and also bump up medical patient's monthly allotment to just over a quarter pound.

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According to a release from the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, as of this Saturday, July 1, 2023, Connecticut will waive the $100 registration fee for patients, and $25 registration for caregivers for the state's Medical Marijuana Program. In addition to the registration fees going away, the monthly allotment of medical marijuana that registered patients can receive will increase to 5 ounces July 1, although patients that have received restricted allotment prescriptions will remain unchanged. A quarter pound of cannabis is a sight to behold, and if you hit your limit every month, I hope that you are blissfully unaware of your condition at this moment.

Another change coming Saturday for marijuana fans in Connecticut is the easing of regulations for adults 21+ to grow cannabis at home. Don't expect Connecticut to become the land of outdoor-grown weed, the regulations require the plants to be grown indoors, away from street view, in your primary residence where individuals under 21 cannot access them. I would expect a few new hydroponic supply dealers in your neighborhood by the end of the year though.

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