Imagine it's Thanksgiving Day and you've decided to invite your entire family over for a huge Thanksgiving feast, including your brothers and sisters, grandma and gramps, cousins, and Uncle Grumpy. What were you thinking?! As Thanksgiving approaches, you realize you'd invited 20 family members to your home for a fairy tale Thanksgiving.

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If everybody gets along, you should be fine. Still, we know there's at least a 75% chance your "House on the Prairie" Thanksgiving could turn into a nightmare of monumental proportions because Uncle Grumpy insists on bringing his best buddy, Stinky.

What I'm getting at is you're going to need a reason to take a break from the insanity, so I have come up with a list of stores that will be opened on Thanksgiving Day so that you can escape for an hour. People like to do their Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving and it was getting more and more common, but I noticed a lot of stores took a step back in that, and I think that's a great idea.

Here are a list of stores both opened and closed on Thanksgiving. One last item you should be aware of regarding Thanksgiving weekend. There's a website that delivers Black Friday deals at most of the stores I mention in this article. Click on

Connecticut Stores OPENED and CLOSED on Thanksgiving 2021...

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