As Stop & Shop employees begin the second week of their work stoppage, the company itself is reportedly beginning to have money troubles.

According to the Hartford Courant, with the Passover and Easter weekend approaching, shoppers are turning to the store's competitors, which is apparently causing big money concerns for Stop & Shop. According to a retail consulting firm, Stop & Shop could lose 3% of sales and 4% of profit during the Passover and Easter weekend. So, if you use Stop & Shop's delivery service, Peapod, what are the alternatives?

Let's review. Why did the UFCW union call for a strike? The worker's union told the Courant that the company will "drastically increase" out-of-pocket health care costs with plans to exclude spouses with health care from the company's coverage. Over the last couple of days, Stop & Shop has taken out full-page ads in the Hartford Courant explaining their side of the story,

We care about our associate's health care. This strike is hard especially on our associates, and one of the issues on their minds is health care. We are offering excellent coverage for eligible associates. Stop & Shop will pay 86% to 92% for health coverage. That's better than most employers who only pay 75% to 80%.

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