Yikes, this took some real balls for sure.

Not going to lie, I cringed big time just reading this story about what happened to one of our state Reps on the floor of the House, and I think you will too.

Sometimes I can handle pain, and other times it drops me to my knees a crying mess. I don't think I'm alone in that. Here's an account of what I think is a pretty large pain threshold.

ctpost.com reports that one of our state Representatives is feeling better after a medical issue the other day while at work. Could you still work after this?

Stratford state Rep Joe Gresko began passing a kidney stone on the floor of the House. Gresko fell to the floor in agony when the pain started. When it didn't ease off Capitol Police helped him from the House chamber, and he passed the stone a few minutes later.

Gresko apparently felt the twinges of a stone earlier in the week. It decided to make it's painful final surge forward while he was participating in a debate on the House floor. After the kidney stone passed Gresko took a few Advils and then returned to his seat in the House.

I may just faint now. Hat's off to you Mr. Gresko.

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