How many times does it need to be said that the left lane is for PASSING only?

The Connecticut State Police has recently issued a "Keep Right Except to Pass" warning on their FB page. Can someone tell me why this directive is so difficult to understand?

Call them what you'd like, Left-Lane Louie's or idiots, it's infuriating because they just don't get it. This is what the CT State Police posted on their FB page:

Not only can failing to drive right result in an infraction, it causes unnecessary congestion, jams, and motor vehicle crashes.

This is not brain surgery, my fellow drivers, it's basic common courtesy and respect for your fellow motorists. The process is simple. When you're driving on I-84, I-95, I-91, and/or I-691, the right lane is the cruising lane. You pass other vehicles by moving safely into the left lane. You DO NOT remain in the left lane because it makes you feel happy or liberated. Instead, you put on your right turn signal and ease back into the right lane until you decide to pass another vehicle.

See? There's nothing to it. If you're traveling one of Connecticut's many limited-access highways and other cars are passing you on the right or a fellow driver is behind you frantically flashing their lights and/or waving their arms while screaming, it means you're an idiot and you need to move the hell over.

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