Now if this isn't a WTF moment, I don't know what is.

I'm betting a lot of us know someone who has taken, okay, stolen, a street sign. It might even be you. It often seems like a harmless prank. The street name is cool, or even yours, and you think, I have to have it. We know it's wrong, and it's a crime too. It's also dangerous.

This story takes the cake. A report from says a Monroe, Connecticut school bus driver is facing criminal charges that accuse her of stealing road signs. This is how it played out.

Police say they got a call from the manager of a storage unit in Monroe because of what he found inside of it. The manager said that the renter of the unit, Stephany DiBiagio, had defaulted on the rental, and according to police, when the manager opened the unit he found nine town street signs including three stop signs, two speed limit signs and a sign warning, “slippery when wet."

Allegedly DiBiagio denied knowing anything about the stolen signs when police spoke to her, but after a search of her home police reportedly found a stop sign.
DiBiagio has been charged with fourth degree larceny and reckless endangerment.

This story begs the quote, "Here's Your Sign."

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