Arguably, the most famous seafood coming out of Connecticut is our oysters. The lobster roll and hamburger were invented here too, oh the pizza, and now there's something else for us foodies of Connecticut to feel superior for - Connecticut is home to a restaurant that serves the best fried clams in the world.

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According to, Sea Swirl, located at 30 Williams Avenue in Mystic, serves up one of the ten best orders of fried clams that you can purchase in the entire world. If you're as big a fan of New England seafood as I am, Sea Swirl has been placed among the absolute fried clam legends in their list - Bob's Clam Hut of Kittery, Maine, Woodman's and JT Farnham's of Essex, Massachusetts, and The Clam Box of Ipswich, Mass. says of Sea Swirls fried clams -

"Debonair, briny, assertive, light, and luscious - not for sissies or nutritional prigs, but pure delight for clam cognoscenti. They are ocean-sweet with a salty snap to the meat inside their brittle crust. With a side of fries and a soft drink, they are a fine Summer meal."

Unfortunately, Spring, Summer, and Fall are the only seasons that you can enjoy Sea Swirl fried clams, they're temporarily closed down for the season right now (January 2024).

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

Some of the other famous clam shacks along the Connecticut shoreline are seasonal, like Abbott's in Noank, and Guilford's The Place, so where should you go for the best fried clams in the Winter months? My suggestions would be Lenny & Joe's in Westbrook, Frankie's Family Restaurants in Waterbury, Saybrook Fish House in Canton, and for my wildcard - the fried clams served up at the counter at City Fish Market in Wethersfield.

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